Why You Will Want to Read Art Magazines Online

Art was meant to be seen in vivid, living color. Reading art magazines online can provide that. By reading art magazines online, you not only get to see art in vivid detail, but also see features that are not available in print art magazines. In fact, art magazines online can give you an overview of the art world worthy of the sophisticated art viewer.

So what advantages do art magazines online provide? For one, reading art magazines online saves on printing costs. Paper art magazines are printed, to be sure, but involve a very particular printing process. Paper art magazines need a much higher resolution that is simply not used on ordinary newspapers. Furthermore, paper magazines have a very thick, glossy paper.

Subscribing to art magazines online saves on this cost. This not only lowers the price of an art magazine online for you. Rather, it also saves on paper as well.

Another advantage of online arts magazines is their representation of three dimensional media. Print magazines are rather limited in their depiction of three dimensional media. Such works as sculpture and installation are short shifted, as they are represented on two dimensional works. With art magazines online, you can look at a sculpture or installation from many angles.

Finally, reading art magazines online gives you a higher resolution. With these magazines, you can see granular detail as if you were actually in the gallery. You could also see the reason art lovers love art so much. What, you may ask, is the reason for that? The reason, as art magazines online will show, is that art is a feast for the eyes.

Reading art magazines online is cheap, easy, and better than print. Not only will it let you save dollars, but it will help you grow in your appreciation of art. So the next time you want to read art magazines, consider reading art magazines online.

I’m Allison Febrey, editor of Art Magazine Online. After a few years too long in the cut-throat, competitive world of the New York City publishing industry, I decided to follow my passion and create an online magazine for modern artists around the world. This is a community site, if you’re an artist or just an art admirer, feel free to join the discussion!

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