Five Online Art Magazines Every Fan Should Check Out

Art magazines online

The average American today will spend 32 hours or so on the internet a month. While that number might seem a bit high, the reality is that, with so many different things to see and read online, it is easy to spend that much time, if not more bouncing from one website to the next. While many will visit their social media pages or get updates on their favorite sports teams and athletes, others might want to use the internet to keep up with the latest art trends. Fortunately, there are lots of great online arts magazines that make it easy to do so.


One of the best art magazines online because it is so community oriented. And, unlike some others, it operates on a pretty large scale with each issue centered around a different theme. That, combined with the super clean layout and beautiful photography, makes checking it out a must for art enthusiasts.

Ninja Mag

A pretty popular art magazine online, it already has some 1.5 million regular readers. It is different and refreshing because it focuses on the photographers who have the potential to breakthrough and make it big in the future, rather than all of the mainstream, common names. This means it is a great resource for anybody looking to see where the future of photography might go.


One of the more interesting online art magazines because it bilingual and features more than just photography or one type of art. It features all kinds of aspects of indie art, including photography over music and literature. Plus, it has a beautiful layout that makes it easy to read and enjoy.


Aesthetically pleasing with lots of contemporary photography, but is not limited to just photos. It also features illustration and fashion and has lots of interviews with artists and others in the industry, making it a must read.

Roves and Roams

A relatively small-scale magazine, but it offers lots of great art and information. It has a great collection of contemporary photography with interviews, an article about the arts sector, opinion columns, and even music reviews. That combination makes it one of the most enjoyable online arts magazines around.

When it comes to enjoying art online, published magazines are not the only option for web users. Though they might offer the most comprehensive collections and information, fans can find lots of great images on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Though they are certainly not as detailed as online arts magazines, they are great for browsing through lots of beautiful images during some free time.

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