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Submerse yourself in the wonderful, bright world of art without ever having to leave home. Art magazines provide art lovers with access to hundreds, if not thousands, of different paintings from all over the world. And the best part is they never have to leave home to see them!

People often love subscribing to an art magazine online because it is their golden pass to the art world. Most people do not have regular access to popular art museums, like the MET museum or Smithsonian. This means they often miss out on great art exhibits or new paintings from aspiring artists. Online arts magazines make it so people do not have to miss these wonderful art exhibits.

An online arts magazine will often feature beautiful, colorful spreads of popular art exhibits. These picture spreads in art magazines provide people with a way to access and see these art exhibits without having to leave home. The pictures that are used in the art magazines are often taken by reliable photographers who capture every curve, color, and part of the art exhibit in a photograph.

In addition to the ability to visit art exhibits they might not otherwise be able to, people love subscribing to art magazines because it provides them with access to new, aspiring artists. Many art magazines online will run regular articles, features, and photos of some of the works from great, aspiring artists. These features in the art magazines allow people to see some of the most talented, upcoming artists from all over the world.

If you are an art lover, do not feel left out a moment longer. Subscribe to one of the many art magazines and be transported to art exhibits all over the world. You will be inspired and in awe of the number of artists, sculptors, and painters you will meet just by flipping through the pages of art magazines.

Allison Febrey

Allison Febrey

I’m Allison Febrey, editor of Art Magazine Online. After a few years too long in the cut-throat, competitive world of the New York City publishing industry, I decided to follow my passion and create an online magazine for modern artists around the world. This is a community site, if you’re an artist or just an art admirer, feel free to join the discussion!
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