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As soon as people learn how to read, they desire access to written material so that they can reap the benefits of their learned ability. Many students in school are turned off by the books that teachers force onto them, but when given a choice to read on their own, most people enjoy taking the time to read about topics that interest them. One topic that has been a part of all societies for thousands of years is art. Online arts magazines are making it easier than ever to access written material about the arts.

Art magazines online can draw from a wide variety of topics. They have thousands of years of history to draw from and nearly an unlimited amount of topics for writers to explore. Online arts magazines can appeal to a large audience. Avid art fans may love to delve deeply into specific articles about their favorite topics, while people who merely enjoy a slight interest in art can browse the website, looking for anything that looks particularly grabbing.

There are several benefits to having an art magazine online. It is available to everyone. The internet has affected society in a lot of different ways. One of its largest effects has been to make the world a smaller place where any information can be accessed by anyone. Online arts magazines take the benefits of the internet and use them to provide a forum that anybody with a computer and internet access can enter.

Some of the most interesting people in history have been artists. With subject matter ranging from an artist that cut off his own ear to a blind poet who created one of the most famous epics in history to a sculptor that seemed as if the hand of God had formed his abilities, online arts magazines can provide written material that will appeal to almost anybody.

I’m Allison Febrey, editor of Art Magazine Online. After a few years too long in the cut-throat, competitive world of the New York City publishing industry, I decided to follow my passion and create an online magazine for modern artists around the world. This is a community site, if you’re an artist or just an art admirer, feel free to join the discussion!

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