Online Art Magazines Opening The World Of Art To The Public

Art magazines online are magazines whose sole concentration is art. An online arts magazine can have multiple types of art such as photography, digital art or graphic design, poetry, paintings, interior design, or historical art. An art magazine online can even be a digital copy of a print art magazine.

Many online arts magazines will incorporate different web technologies within their magazine such as blogs, news pages, reviews, a page about art books, a page to purchase art, applications, or a page about the magazine.

An online arts magazine blog may have posts that analyze art, posts that spotlight new art, or posts that feature guest artists. A blog is a great way for readers to get a feel for what the magazine is all about.

A page about art books may list books that have collections of specific artists, books about artists, or books about different types of art. Books about art are good for continuing art education.

Art magazines online may also have a page for art news. This page may have news about new art pieces, news about up and coming artists, or news about discoveries in the art world.

Art magazines online may also have applications for you to download to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. These applications may make the art magazine viewable on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or these applications may be art related.

Another feature of online arts magazines may be a place to purchase featured art. A place to purchase art featured in the magazine is great for art enthusiasts.

Art magazines online are just one more way to showcase art around the world.

I’m Allison Febrey, editor of Art Magazine Online. After a few years too long in the cut-throat, competitive world of the New York City publishing industry, I decided to follow my passion and create an online magazine for modern artists around the world. This is a community site, if you’re an artist or just an art admirer, feel free to join the discussion!

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