Your Handy Guide to Creating Banner Designs

Banners are an excellent way to advertise products, events, and more. Banners come in several different sizes, and can be put on buildings, tables, trees, and even on the backs of airplanes. If you are investing in a custom banner, then you need to put some work into creating the perfect design. Nothing is worse than finding a typo on your giant banner after you’ve printed it.

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In this video, we learn about the basic design elements that go into making a banner as well as which elements you need to accentuate and prioritize in your graphics.

It is crucial to begin by defining the dimensions you need your banner to be. Online and physical banners are similar in this way. Once you have your size, you need to pinpoint which content you want to include on your banner. Do not overcrowd it, or else it can become illegible and painful to look at. Keep your content to the essentials, mainly your website, brand logo, and a slogan. Next, incorporate a graphic element. The key to having a great banner is keeping it simple and letting your copy and colors speak for themselves.


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