What to Know About Painting a Metal Surface

There is a plethora of different paints out there. Wall paint, fabric paint, enamel paint, and acrylic paint are only a few. Each paint is made up of different properties, mainly either water and pigments or oil and pigments. Each paint has its own strengths, weaknesses, and ideal surfaces. When you are faced with choosing a paint for your particular project, you should opt for one designed for your surface.

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In this video, we will look at the ideal paints to be used on a metal surface.

Whether you are covering an outdoor metal chair or decorating your newest metal sign, you want a paint that is going to stick in all sorts of weather. If you are going to be adding a finish to metal, you should first sand it down to make the surface ready for painting. This will help the color stick better and for longer periods of time. You should always use a primer first before painting, and use a paint that specifically indicates that it is for metal. Rust-oleum carries the “Universal” series, which is perfect for metal projects.


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