The Wedding Video Booth Not Your Parents’ Wedding Video

Wedding video editing

Gone are the days of the old wedding video. You know, the one that shows the whole wedding party doing the chicken dance or catches your Uncle Bob spilling cake onto his shirt. And good riddance to it! You want a wedding video that will bring back memories when you see it, not one that collects dust in a box with some old VHS tapes. The latest trend in wedding videography is to get a wedding video booth for you and your guests at your wedding reception. When running through your checklist for wedding planning, you’ll choose venues, foods, and decorations that will create a memorable day for you and your new spouse and your guests as well. Having a fun wedding video will help you vividly remember this special day for the rest of your life.

Plus, as the wedding industry advances, more and more couples are choosing to set themselves apart from the traditional wedding in America. Each year in the United States, an estimated 2.3 million people tie the knot, and on average those couples invite approximately 178 guests to their weddings and receptions. While things like cultural differences or religious traditions may set us apart in our melting pot of a nation, many couples today choose to make their weddings unique to their interests and personalities as well. An estimated 25% of couples marrying in the US hold themed wedding ceremonies and receptions, and these themes can include anything from a particular color scheme to more niche hobbies such as science fiction. Even the “white wedding” is becoming a thing of the past, with one out of 10 brides choosing to wear a dress of a color other than white or ivory. American couples want weddings tailored to their own beliefs, interests, and cultures on an increasing basis, rather than holding an impersonal, cookie-cutter wedding. Your memories of your special day should emulate that personal touch you used in planning that wedding, so why have a boring video?

Having a wedding ceremony and reception that reflects this individualistic ideal, and making a wedding video to remember that important day, can help demonstrate the love between that couple as they begin their life of wedded bliss. A wedding video booth allows guests to take candid pictures, leave messages for the bride and groom, and celebrate that newly-married couple’s commitment to one another. Best of all, it won’t interrupt the ceremony, and you won’t have a videographer tripping over your guests on the dance floor at the reception! You can also use effects like slow motion for cinematic wedding videography. A video booth for weddings is a fun and unique option, and it’s a guaranteed way to make your wedding memorable for you and your guests. Capture candid moments and your guests’ smiles with a wedding video booth and have a wedding video to cherish forever. Research more like this:

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