The Evolution of Product Mascots

When you think of an iconic mascot, you probably think of America’s favorite auto insurance company mascot, the Geico gecko. While the Geico gecko has been around for quite a few years, there are a plethora of other product mascots that originated far earlier than the beloved reptile. From Tony Tiger to Chester Cheetah, almost every successful food brand has some sort of mascot associated with it.

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In this video, we will get the joy of seeing how today’s mascots started out way back in the day!

First on this list is Julio the Pringles Man. Most people don’t know that the Pringles mascot has a name, much less that in recent years he has gone through a vast transformation, gaining a mouth. Next, Cornelius Rooster is America’s face of corn flakes, making his debut in the 1850s. Cornelius Rooster used to be only black and white due to the age of printing he was created in. Back in the day, he even had his own colorful merchline and cartoon debuts! The Michelin man began as a more intimidating mascot, and the mighty Mr. Peanut has switched the side he wears his monocle on in recent years.


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