Piano Tuning DIY

Tuning a piano by yourself can be a daunting task. But with the help of tools and video tutorials on youtube or blog posts, you will be able to learn how to tune your piano at home by yourself.

With the help of a piano tuning kit, you can do the magic. You can find one on amazon or the shop of your preference.

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Here are some piano tuning DIY tips that you can take to guide you.

Step 1
Gather your tools. It includes the tuning lever, electronic tuner, and tuning mutes.

Step 2
Once you gather all your tools, remove the cover to get into the strings and tuning pins. For bigger pianos like grand pianos, you can access the pins by sliding off the music above the keyword.

Step 3
Practice tuning in single notes. Use rubber wedges to silent the strings. Place your tuning level on the top of the pin and gently turn it. If you want to raise the piano’s pitch, turn it clockwise. If you lower the pitch, turn the pin counterclockwise. Your electronic tuner will help you avoid tuning the wrong note.

Piano tuning DIY is possible if you follow these steps and if you have the right tool to use. If you want to learn more about it, check youtube and other online tutorials to make your work correctly.

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