Piano Restoration Process

A piano is a beautiful and complicated instrument. If you have a piano that is in need of repair, piano rebuilding services might be what you need. Piano restoration is more than just polishing it up and replacing broken parts.

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The piano is first disassembled and the pieces are inspected. Those parts that can be easily replaced are first taken care of. The case, the soundboard, the bridges, the plate and the keyboard are all going to be restored rather than replaced. The soundboard is the first part of the piano to be taken care of.
When the piano has been disassembled the soundboard is going to be inspected and cracks are repaired and sealed. The ribs are inspected as well and are taken care of if they are damaged. They are glued back in place and the cracks are repaired. The next step is to care for the pin block. The pin block is where the tuning pins are placed and the strings are put. If the pin block is damaged it may need to be replaced. The last step is going to be to refinish the piano to help the piano look great as well as work well with the new parts that have been put in place.

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