Materials Needed To Create Metal Art

Learn how to make metal designs from this video. Anyone considering venturing into the metal art industry should know the materials and tools required. The ideal materials for creating beautiful metal art include a suitable cutting torch.

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Ideally, a plasma torch is recommended because it leaves a neat finish.

A welder is vital for sticking metals together. Welding machines feature two leads, both positive and negative. When you turn on the machine, it creates polarity. Polarity is important because it affects the strength and the quality of the weld. There are three core types of welding machines. Each has unique features with various pros and cons for metal artists. The welding machines include the stick or basic arc welder, TIG welder, and MIG welder.

A good hand-held grinder is particularly useful for this project. It is an excellent metal shaping tool ideal for polishing excess pieces, giving the project a new and shiny look. Vice pliers are ideal for fixing and tweezing solid parts. Chalk is vital for drawing the design on the metal to facilitate accurate cutting.

Another great thing to have on hand is a metal workbench. There are numerous metal workbench options to choose from. However, a customized workbench that meets an individual’s needs would be ideal.

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