Incredible Black Artists You Should Check Out!

The world of art is endless, and one can get lost simply marvelling at some of the art put out on the Internet. From painters to clothing designers, and sculptors to architects, artists have left a monumental impact on our world that will stand the test of time. In particular, African American artists have contributed to much to the art community, introducing countless new styles and techniques.

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This video counts down some of the most influential and talented black painters and artists.

Jean Michel Basquiat focuses his street art style on issues of duality, like freedom vs. slavery and inner vs. outer experience. Alma Thomas explores color and form through extremely bright patterns and designs. Glenn Ligon is a world-renown sculptor, basing his work around the historic disenfranchisement of the African American people. He utilizes text and type to portray powerful messages to his audience. David Hammons is another sculptor and painter, bringing African art into the modern day with his pieces inspired by the ancient African cultures. Needless to say, this list could go on forever with how many talented black artists are changing the world of artwork.


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