Ideas and Tips for Fun Fundraising Events

meeting spaceIf you’re planning a fundraising event in the near future, you should do everything you can to ensure that it’s fun and creative. Here are some of our favorite tried and true ideas and tips to help you plan a wonderful fundraiser:

Find plenty of entertainment
You should try and book plenty of entertainment for the event, including a main attraction and one or two warm up activities. You need something for everybody there, and though it’s difficult to please everyone, it’s a lot easier to do so with multiple entertainers. Talk to local magicians, comedians, and musicians and see if your fundraising guests will enjoy their talents. You can also find plenty of fun games to play for everyone in attendance to pass the time. Also, keep in mind that you have a limited meeting space if you’re throwing the event indoors. So maybe bringing the entire circus to your event might not be the best idea. But don’t stop looking for creative ways to entertain your guests!

Work with nonprofit organizations for assistance
In 2013, more than 1.4 million nonprofit organizations were registered in the United States. All those organizations actually employed over 10% of the entire U.S. workforce and these organizations usually have terrific ideas of their own and with more creative brains in the meeting space, a much better fundraising event will be organized. Getting additional help is always a good thing, too. Rather than focusing on every single aspect of the special event, you can delegate certain aspects to nonprofits, individual volunteers, or anyone else helping you out. Serving food, for instance, might not be your specialty at all, but if a nonprofit organization prides itself on serving people delicious and healthy foods, they can handle the meals while you focus on the entertainment or anything else.

Consider throwing a themed party
Fundraisers, if not done properly, can be quite boring. Even if the entertainment is great, the food is wonderful, and there are plenty of additional helpers, if the night feels boring, it won’t be a great success. Consider a few creative theme ideas and sticking to them throughout the night of the party. They might feel a little forced or even a little awkward, but if you and your guests buy into it, a themed party can make for a much more entertaining night.

Good luck throwing your next fun fundraiser and if you want to find quality meeting space for these special events, contact Burnside Gamleplace today.

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