How to Score a Great Price On Game Tickets

You love seeing a sports game in person, but don’t love the hidden fees many ticket brokers attach to the final price. No fee ticket brokers do exist, it just takes a little extra searching when buying sports tickets online.

Last year in 2016, the Major League Baseball (MLB) scored about 73.74 million spectators during the season, averaging out to roughly 30,400 people attending each game. In fact, surveys show that the average spectator is about 40 years old, and attends about five games every season. Even die-hard fans wouldn’t mind saving a little money on their favorite event, it just takes a little research and sometimes, a little bit of risk.

Cheap baseball tickets are easily available even without a no fee ticket broker, only so long as you don’t mind sitting all the way up at the top of the bleachers. A non-discounted ticket at the ticket office may cost as little as $25. There is also the option of buying a ticket off of a scalper.

While the laws differ state to state, there are no laws against scalped tickets in many states. If you are considering buying tickets in this way, make sure you know the law in your county. The website The Penny Hoarder offers this advice when going this route: try to buy off of a regular sports fan instead of a professional. The chances of the tickets being more expensive and/ or counterfeit is less. Buying the tickets from a fan who can’t attend increases your chances of getting the tickets cheap.

There are plenty of ticket sites with no fees, but you need to know where to look. The Kiplinger website lists the ways baseball tickets for sale online are oftentimes sold with extra fees. These will be listed on the payment page as a “connector fee,” or “service fee.” There may also be a convenience fee, and of course a shipping and handling fee. This can add up to anywhere from $10 to $20 extra dollars added to the initial cost of the ticket.

When buying sports tickets online, search for the no fee ticket broker websites. The hosts of the site will proudly proclaim their policy of not adding on additional fees, and usually the tickets will be at a discounted price. Getting to the game shouldn’t be stressful. Take the extra time to browse no fee sites, and save yourself some money.

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