Four Tips for Planning the Perfect Father Daughter Dance

Weddings are one of the most memorable and important times in a couple?s life. In addition to the connection that the new couple makes during their wedding, the wedding day is also significant to certain family members, as well. The father of the bride, specifically, is tasked with handing his daughter over to a new man. This new man is supposed to take over the job of caring for her. This change of partnership is celebrated with two special events. The first involves the father walking his bride down the aisle, and handing her to her new partner in life. The second is a final dance together. Because this is one of the most important and symbolized events of the wedding, it should be carefully planned.

Choose a song together
There are many songs that need to be selected for the wedding ceremony and reception. Some of these songs are simply to increase the entertainment of the wedding, while others have more meaning. The specific song that is used for the father daughter dance should be meaningful and thought out. It can be helpful to choose a father daughter dance song together. Consider songs that describe your relationship together. Choose one that has a lot of meaning.

Choose a type of dance together
Just as there are numerous types of music to choose from, there are just as many dance styles to pick. Traditional father daughter dances are often slower paced. However, modern brides are having a little more fun and choosing something more unique. If you and your father enjoy the tango, consider taking dance classes to turn a cha cha or tango dance into the perfect father daughter dance. Watch videos together and specifically pay attention to father daughter dance videos and styles for many choosing options.

Take dance classes together
Many father and daughter pairs are nervous when it comes time for their dance. It may or may not be the first dance for bride and being nervous can cause you to mess up or forget the specific dance. Taking classes is a great way to prepare for the father daughter dance, while also exploring the many dance options there are. The nonprofit USA Dance, Inc., reports a 35% spike in the number of people taking lessons and attending ballroom events over the past 10 years. Taking dance classes can also help you and your father to individualize the dance and to create something that speaks perfectly to both of you.

Practice, practice, practice
No one says that the father daughter dance has to be perfect. In fact, some amount of mistakes is expected. The point is more about a special moment together, than about creating a perfect dance. Practicing together, however, can give you valuable time to spend with your father during what is usually a very busy wedding planning season. After you marry, you might be moving away, or starting your own family. Practicing the father daughter dance together can create many great memories of the wedding time.

Additionally, practicing together can reduce stress levels for both. When you learn to dance, you also learn a very effective relaxation technique. Weddings bring a lot of stress, and it is likely that both of you are feeling high strung. At the end of a study that compared tango dancing to mindfulness meditation, 97% of participants chose to receive a voucher for a tango class rather than one for mindfulness meditation. This is because many experience the same benefits from each activity.

Dances are a common part of weddings. The bride and groom share their first dance as a married couple. The father and daughter also share an important time together with their dance. The average number of wedding guests is 165, making any show of dancing intimidating. Make the most out of your father daughter dance by choosing the music and type of dance together, taking dance classes for an individualized experience, and practicing for the goal of creating lasting memories.

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