Candle Making 101

One of the most engaging hobbies that many people have picked up during the quarantine these past few years is candle making. Candles are surprisingly easy to make, and in only a few hours you can be the industries newest candle maker! There are quite a few tools you need in order to pursue the world of candle making, but these are usually one-time purchases that you will use over and over again. If you think that candle making may be your next big artsy interest, then this video gives us a beginners guide to making candles.

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First of all, you are going to need wax and a way to melt it. Candles are primarily wax, oils, a wick, and optional mix-ins. You will need to buy wax flakes from a local craft store and measure them out to whatever candle vessel you choose. You can put a candle in just about anything, so be creative, just ensure that your vessel is not flammable. You can experiment with different fragrance oils together or simply do one, but be careful to add one drop at a time. Too much of a scented oil will make your candle extremely overpowering.


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