Can You 3D-Print a House?

3D printing has paved the way for engineering projects we could have never dreamed of. Not only can be print any replacement parts we need for small machines, we can also print entire engines and space shuttle parts. Recently, astronauts have been able to 3d-print a pizza in space, a breakthrough in the world of space food. Now, engineers are looking at taking on the housing crisis. Using the power of the mighty 3d printer, people are now able to completely construct a house in as little as 24 hours.

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In this video, we will take a look at this entire process and what may be next for 3d printed houses.

Each 3d printed house is a masterpiece of concrete work, with countless layers slowly built on top of each other, while drying simultaneously. A humongous machine is obviously required to build the house, but all-in-all it is simply layering concrete on more concrete. With an automated system like this, a house can be built in two days. This time record can completely shake the housing market around the world. The key to sd printing houses in the future is creating a failsafe system for making custom house floorplans.


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