Benefits of Artwork in Healthcare Environments and Work Spaces

When you think of art, you probably don?t imagine a hospital or any healthcare space. In reality, these areas are one place that artwork and art classes should exist. There?s no reason that artwork should be limited to special galleries or museums. Instead, art should be present in a large variety of places. Why does artwork matter that much? While some people might find art galleries and museums boring, that doesn?t mean that the artwork itself doesn?t have some type of impact on them, whether they recognize it or not.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of art in hospitals? Keep reading to find out why artwork and art classes should be present in more healthcare environments.

How Art Affects the Average Viewer

Let?s start by discussing art itself. Are you someone who generally finds art boring? Maybe you?re someone who enjoys art every now and then, but you don?t really feel like it has much of an effect on you. Chances are, you haven?t really stopped to analyze how you feel before and art visiting a gallery or viewing artwork. If you did, you may be surprised at what you find.

In one study, people were asked to describe their stress levels before and after entering an art gallery. Since they were asked to remain keenly aware as to how they felt, they were able to observes their responses and emotions more clearly. It only took 35 minutes of time spent wandering around the art gallery for many respondents to have a clear answer. The majority of participants acknowledged that they felt much less stressed. It wasn?t just a feeling, either. The study goes on to explain how the individuals actually had lower levels of cortisol, also known as a stress hormone.

When it comes to office spaces, many employees feel strongly about art in the workplace. They believe it enriches the space they sit in all day, five days a week. It goes further than simple enrichment, though. Employees claim that it helps with a myriad of other things. For example, they claim that it boosts productivity. The majority agree that it helps with reducing workplace stress, it makes them feel more creative, and it allows them to feel more comfortable expressing opinions and feelings.

Why Artwork Should Exist in Healthcare Environments

Based on the above information, it should be no surprise that many people are pushing for more artwork and art classes in hospitals. It should be obvious that there are a multitude of benefits of art in hospitals.

There are also multiple studies done that reflect why there are so many benefits of art in hospitals. In one specific study by Arts for Health at WFBMC, patients claimed that they felt more comfortable in their hospital rooms with artwork on the walls. The artwork gave each room a homier feel, allowing them to feel calmer and more at peace even though they were in a hospital. It also made them feel as though they were cared about by the hospital.

These studies continue on and on with another one done at the University of London in 2011. In this study, there was found to be increased blood flow when viewing a piece of artwork, even in passing. This means that the artwork triggered a joy response by those in the study.

With so many potential benefits of art in hospitals, we shouldn?t be so quick to judge whether or not a piece of artwork for hospitals could truly make a difference in someone?s life. More people should be encouraging the use of artwork in spaces from the workplace to hospital rooms in order to enrich people?s lives by making them less stressed and more productive. Anything that can make someone feel happier and more comfortable must be a positive thing.

How do you feel about the benefits of art in hospitals? Will you consider visiting an art gallery to see how impacts your emotions? Let us know in the comments your thought on artwork and its use as a stress reliever.

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