Ballroom Dancing Revival

With the popularity of TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars, ballroom dancing is enjoying a new surge in popularity. It’s not just for learning a wedding dance anymore; people are enjoying everything from mambo to tango, salsa to swing, and bringing the joy of classic dances to a new generation. With dance, the old saying applies: Everything old is new again.

Dancing is great for kids, not just because it’s fun, but because it’s good exercise, teaches coordination and balance, and promotes healthy brain function. Did you know that some professional athletes take ballroom dancing lessons to increase coordination? And it has been proven that people who regularly participate in dance have better physical endurance and improved posture and balance. In addition, frequent dancing reduces stress and tension. Of course, you can dance around your house when your favorite song comes on, or bounce with the crowd at a concert?those are great ways to reduce stress too. But there is something special about being able to do the fox trot, the cha cha, or even the lindy hop!

It is easier than ever to find opportunities for learning to dance. There are over 8,000 dance studios in the U.S., and that number is growing. In the previous decade, ballroom dance studio enrollment increased by 35%, with many first time dancers signing up. Ballroom dance classes for kids are offered in many places, too. Be choosy, though: be sure to join a studio that employs trained, experienced professionals who have a passion for what they do.

It’s a great idea to visit the studio ahead of time, observe or participate in a class, and talk to the other students, or, if you’re looking into dance classes for kids, talk to the other parents. Remember that it’s not about the size of the studio, it’s about the quality of the teaching and the excitement and passion of the other dancers. You might be considering a private dance lesson rather than a group dance class, and that’s great too, especially if you have one particular event you’re learning a dance for, like a wedding dance. But if you are interested in enjoying dance regularly, and enjoying the benefits of ballroom dancing, then sign up for group lessons.

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