Art For Commercial Spaces

Creative expression is one of the fundamental tenants of any society. It was one of the very first things we did as a species after we became a species and has seen so much diversity and so many variations over so many thousands and thousands of years. From hospital art to hospitality art to hotel art to even corporate art consultants and art for restaurants, art is everywhere, in all forms and in all times. But where it did it come from exactly and how has it spread as a construct? And where can it be used most effectively? Before we can ask the latter question, we have to ask the former first and that’s not an especially easy one to answer. We can start by talking about the earliest known art which is thought to be cave drawings done by hand and still on display in a remote region of France. There is no known art that predates these simple drawings but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Far from it. These cave paintings are just the earliest representations of creative expression that we have right now. It is thought that music might predate visual expression but this hypothesis is, by its very nature, pretty impossible to prove. So what are these drawings of, exactly? What did these extremely early peoples think and dream and create as they sat by their fires and stared into the enormous dark? Well, many of them are animals which makes total sense given the hunter and gatherer nature of the society itself. These early peoples relied mostly on meat and foraged roots and vegetables for food so nature was an essential part of survival for them. It is thought that they were nomadic hunters at large although it is hard to know just how sedentary they actually were. Some people believe they stayed in the same place for months although others think it didn’t last nearly that long. But, either way, these cave drawings of animals and animal headed people are thought to represent a sort of early and primitive totem that was supposed to bring about good luck and strength for the hunt. Many researchers believe that these and other early cave drawings were designed to honor some internal or supernatural forces that would guide the people to more prosperity. So, in that way, art functions today in the same way it did thousands of years ago. Which brings us to something interesting.
Corporate Art Consultants and Creativity
Visual art is everywhere in our society, from restaurants to hotels to hospitals and everywhere in between. Visual expression, whether it be paintings, digital art, drawings, you could even consider all of digital and performance art visual expression, is there to change how we feel and to affect how we are internally in some way. In fact, in an abstract way, you could say that is one of the many goals of art in general. To affect emotion or mind in some way. An artifice designed to affect. Or something like that. So, whether you work or run in a restaurant, hospital or in an office, you are going to want to make sure that your art reflects your values and your atmosphere. If you aren’t entirely sure what sort of art you should have in your place of business, then you might need to hire corporate art consultants who can help you. These consultants are often hired to get a feel for a workplace and the type of art that is going to affect the workplace morale. For example, they might suggest that an office has a few pictures of soothing landscapes or animals so that people feel less stressed about getting a big project done. Corporate art consultants can also help with places a little different than offices, such as hotels or other places in the hospitality industry. Here, they might suggest a nice sky or images of flowers or cities. A feeling in the art that matches the feeling inside and directly outside the hotel. No matter what sort of atmosphere they are trying to capture, it is all about inspiring the people in those work environments to be their best selves.

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