Are You Planning a Trip Down South?

The travel itinerary was long.
You would be leaving Omaha, Nebraska, on a Tuesday morning, but by the time you return a week later you and your father will have traveled more than 2,100 miles. The ultimate goal is to visit your daughter on her college campus for Homecoming weekend, but you have several stops planned along the way, including:

  • Branson MO activities on the way down.
  • Little Rock AR stops to see Presidential sites.
  • West Monroe LA stops to visit some favorite television show locations.
  • Alexandria LA pawn shop visits experiences.
  • Shreveport LA dining experiences.
  • More Branson MO activities on the way back home.

Branson MO Activities
You dad is a hard one to nail down on what he wants to do, but one of the things that you know is on the schedule for your stop in Branson is a show about the Biblical story of Moses. With plans to attend the show with an aunt and uncle who live in the area, this event is the only thing that you have planned for sure. If your teenage daughter was along for the trip, you would likely have to also plan stops from zip lines, giant slides, climbing walls, and other family adventure stops. Your daughter is not making the trip, however, so you imagine stopping at quite a few flea markets, tractor shows, and maybe even a golf cart outlet on the way.
The show will be fun and the visit with your aunt and uncle will be great, but you are guessing that your dad is all about trying to find out how much stuff he can fit into the truck for the ride home.
Little Rock AR Stops
You have to admit that you are the one who got this item on the agenda. Because the places you want to stop at are free, however, made them attractive to your dad even during this contentious political season. If you have time after visiting the Clinton Presidential Museum, you hope to also stop at the Little Rock High School visitor center and see for yourself the school desegregation locations that you have read about.
Fortunately for your father, you have allowed plenty of travel time so you will likely have time to stop and see some of the log harvesting lumber yards along the way, as well as the local produce stands that are selling beautiful marigolds this time of year.
West Monroe, Alexandria, and Shreveport LA Stops
The plan is to both satisfy and wear your dad out once you arrive in the state of Louisiana. Taking him to some of the locations of his favorite television shows is your primary goal. And while he would rather visit some rice harvest locations, this trip is planned for too late in the year to see that. He indicates that he is content to stop and see the recording sites of Duck Dynasty and Cajun Pawn Shop, so you are happy to oblige.
The thinking is that if you spend enough time driving to and from these locations, he will be happy to sit back, visit, and take in the local cuisine when you are in Shreveport. The weekend on campus is not really that exciting, but you are both anxious to spend time with your daughter and his granddaughter.
Branson MO Activities on the Way Home
With only a few hours left for travel by the time you reach Branson, you are looking forward to one more night in Missouri. Your aunt and uncle have promised a relaxing home cooked meal and the chance to visit about all of the places that you have been. You will likely be tired from all of the driving, but getting one more night’s rest for the final stretch of the 2,100 mile trip is a good plan.
Road Trips Allow Travelers to See the Sites
Nearly 37% of families indicate that vacations make them happy. In fact, vacations appear to be the activity that makes families the most happy. And while as many as 74% of females indicate that the planning of vacations can be stressful, allowing yourself plenty of downtime while you are on a road trip can make the days even more enjoyable. Ready to go?
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