Advertising is a 500 Billion Dollar Industry, Worldwide

A study done at York University in 2008 found that pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on advertising as they do on research. Advertising is a huge part of our economy, today. Television advertising is an effective way to reach consumers, considering how popular television is. In San Diego video production for commercials is heavily used. In San diego production companies are made up of trained professionals that can make advertising on television much easier for businesses that are unfamiliar with the advertising process.

In 2011 Super Bowl commercial slots were an average price of three million dollars for a thirty second spot. While advertising during the Super Bowl is different than every day advertising, the basic message sticks. Television advertising is effective and with the right tools in San diego video production crews can create the perfect commercial for your business.

By the time a person has turned sixty five in the United States they will have seen two million television commercials. In San Diego production company owners are most likely feeling the benefits of this particular statistic. While residing in San diego video production companies are constantly gathering new ideas and angles for fresh advertising methods.

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