5 Great Tips for Designing the Perfect Wedding Tent

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A wedding is a one of a kind time for couples to celebrate the love they share. Weddings are typically events filled with family, friends, and memories that last forever. In fact, a 2014 edition of the Knot’s Real Weddings Study found that the average wedding will have 136 guests. Considering that, it’s understandable to ensure wedding guests have a safe and beautiful space to take part in your special day. Statistics show that the two most popular months for a wedding are June and October. When you rent a tent for a wedding, you’re ensuring guests stay safe from the elements during any season. Many people utilize tent and party rentals instead of purchasing wedding supplies. Here are five great ideas to utilize when it’s time to decorate your wedding tent rental.

  1. Hanging Colorful Paper Lanterns

    Certain weddings are designed to be events that are filled with splashes of color. If you’re looking for an easy way to include bright colors within your tent, make use of paper lantern lights. You can find paper lantern lights available in a wide array of colors. In addition, these lights often can be hung easily which makes it an easy task to assign among a few friends. Providers of tent and party rentals utilize vinyl for coverings, as this material is extremely affordable and durable.
  2. Flowers Aren’t Only for Tables

    You’ve likely seen many wedding events that feature beautiful flowers, displayed in vases across a wide range of tables. Flowers and wedding seemingly go hand in hand, meaning they work well nearly anywhere inside of tent rental. Considering that, many wedding planners choose to combine flowers and lights together to create beautiful lighting. In addition, a large floral centerpiece can make a great center fixture to proudly display over a dancing area.
  3. Decorating Tents in a Rustic Manner

    It makes sense that many are wanting to ditch traditional weddings in favor of a rustic theme. However, it might be difficult to find an adequate countryside location to host wedding festivities. Considering that, you can easily decorate a tent rental in a way that invokes feelings of being in a rustic environment. Rustically themed wedding tents often utilize furniture made from wood and other natural materials. A typical rustic wedding is often more relaxed than other types of events.
  4. Ditch Flooring for a More Organic Wedding

    Many couples love the thought of getting to enjoy an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings let a couple celebrate their vows together while bringing in the comfort of nature. One popular idea for weddings is to ditch the floor in favor of natural grass. Dark wooden chairs and light colored tablecloths create a contrast that makes any indoor organic wedding setup look amazing.
  5. Create a Flowered Arch

    An archway creates a beautiful space for guests to enjoy while at your wedding. Not only that, an arch allows guest to easily see where they are supposed to enter a tent. Certain companies providing tent and party rentals might be able to provide a decorated arch for your special day. However, you can easily take the DIY route to designing an arch with the use of flowers and string lights.

In summary, there are several important ways to create the perfect wedding tent. Colorful paper lanterns are both an inexpensive and unique way to decorate a tent rental. Many weddings are adorned with flowers that set inside of vases. With that in mind, it’s wise to put a spin on the classic wedding flowers by utilizing string floral arrangements. Certain couples ditch the traditional wedding in favor of a more rustic setting. If you’re looking to invoke feelings of being as close to nature as possible, skip out on flooring and stick with natural grass. If you’re in need of a great piece while notifying guests of a tent entrance, a floral archway is a great idea to include at your wedding event. If you’re still unsure of how to spruce up your wedding, it’s wise to contact a provider of both tent and party rentals.

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