5 Cost Savings Tips for Wedding

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Many couples are in the process of wedding planning right now. Most engagements last for a year, giving the couple ample time to plan all of the large and smaller details of their wedding. It also gives them sufficient time to save up the money for a wedding. Weddings can be expensive. It can be a mistake to go into debt over an event that occurs just one day. However, with a long enough engagement and these cost savings tips, a couple can have the wedding of their dreams, without breaking the bank and without going into lifelong debt.

Give yourself ample engagement and planning time. You may be extremely excited when you become engaged. This may tempt you to set a wedding date that is sooner, rather than later. However, this does not give you as much time to plan, or to save up enough money. You have to keep time and budget in mind during the setting of the date. Also, consider marrying on a less popular day, for more savings. Days such as Fridays or Sundays are often significantly less, because they are less in demand.

Shop around for vendors. You may also be tempted to hire the first photographer, chef, and baker to get these decisions out of the way. However, you will find that prices vary significantly when it comes to wedding vendors. Visiting wedding and bridal shows can give you ample decisions to choose from, based on many factors, with one of these being price. Some vendors may even offer discounts if you choose multiple services with their business, such as photography, videography, and DJ services.

Cash in favors with family and friends. This is a great way to receive discounted and free services for your wedding. If you can offer any exchanges of professional services with friends or if any close friends are willing to do any personal favors, this can be a huge cost saving tip. Maybe you have a friend who is attempting to grow their catering business and are willing to give you a big discount. Maybe you have a friend who is in the outdoor event rentals business and can provide you with discounted rental supplies. Perhaps you have a friend or family member with a large outdoor space to hold your wedding, saving you on the high costs of venue rentals.

Utilize outdoor spaces. An outdoor wedding can be both beautiful and cost effective. Outdoor event rentals provide you with everything you need for seating and shelter. Hosting an outdoor event can also be a huge cost savings tip. According to the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study, the most popular month to get married was June (15%), followed by October (14%). A backyard party tent can ensure that your guests are sheltered also, regardless of the weather.

Outdoor event rentals can even include spaces for a dance floor and dinner seating. Some couples may even choose to have their ceremony inside of a party tent for rent. If aisles and a speaker area are also needed, allow 8 square feet per person. If the purpose is for cocktail service, allow 5 to 6 square feet per person. Outdoor event rentals companies can help you to organize and plan your needed outdoor event rentals.

Establish your important points and budget the rest. If the photographs are your favorite part of and preferred part of the wedding, splurge on it. If you and your spouse to be enjoy food, splurge on the caterer. However, cut costs in areas that are less important. If you do not expect your guests to dance for much of the evening, you can save money by cutting down the hours of the DJ. If you and your spouse to be do not enjoy cake, opt for a cheaper option.

Weddings can be expensive and time consuming. Many couples go into debt for this one important day of their lives. They may pay for many years for their wedding. Following these costs savings tips can ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams, without incurring a lot of debt. Party rentals can help save costs, also.

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