3 Tips to Elevate Your Party Tables on a Budget

Whether you’re throwing a graduation party or helping a beloved tie the knot, planning celebrations is a big undertaking. While some party-preppers opt for fine cutlery and table linen, many look to save a buck and expedite cleanup by choosing disposable serveware. But choosing disposable doesn’t have to seem shoddy. By following these tips, you can make sure your budget bash is still organized and attractive.

Get the Logistics Right

Even if you have fresh bouquets on every table and a tent draped with fairy lights, any pretty party can fall short of fabulous if it lacks the essentials. Running out of plates while serving the cake can discourage your most enthusiastic guests. When shopping for party supply packages, remember:

  • Cups and Plates: about 3 per guest
  • Napkins: about 4 per guest
  • Flatware: about 2 spoons, 2 forks and 1 knife per guest

Select a Theme

White plastic tableware is clean and simple, but most party suppliers offer a whole host of options to make your occasion more unique. For birthdays and informal holiday events, find a handful of colors or shapes that are visually interesting and that can be incorporated into other decorations, like wall decorations or centerpieces. Black tableware can upgrade your Halloween bash; silver or gold plastic tableware might pair perfectly with the jewels in your daughter’s birthday tiara. Many retailers offer entire packages with pre-made themes so you don’t have to develop a theme yourself.

Be Mindful of Audience

Pre-made children’s themes might be fun for youngsters, but it can be difficult to select disposable tableware for events that require more subtlety and sophistication. However, paper and plastic serveware can also be appropriate for more formal occasions when carefully coordinated.

Gold plastic tableware paired with fancy dinner napkins in the wedding’s colors can make a reception more affordable without looking cheap. Even plastic champagne flutes can seem elegant when placed on a table set with harmonious colors. Choosing the schemes and palettes that reflect the guests and the occasion can construct an elegant mood, even with discount supplies.

Often, simple equals style. Pairing dark and light basics with a single accent color can tie together a party space. For inspiration, try searching online with one color or one theme idea, like “mauve-themed party” or “formal glitter party theme.” Alerting guests to a theme ahead of time will help them understand what to expect and how to dress, making them feel more welcome and further elevating the appearance of your occasion.

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