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How to Preserve Important Family Photos and Artifacts

Allison Febrey : December 8, 2018 4:00 pm : Uncategorized

It is an amazing experience to be able to look back on your family history and see pictures of your grandfather as a child or, if you’re lucky, your great-grandfather’s grandmother as a child. If you haven’t already, you probably will inherit old family photos at some point in your life. These photographs represent your family heritage and all of the big and small life decisions that were made in order for you to become the person you are today. Preserving these photos, as well as your own new photos, is important so that other members of your family can have the same experience generations from now. That is why it’s important to know about all of the different archival storage products that are out there to protect your family’s memories.

Common mistakes of storing photos


Unfortunately, there are some bad habits that have developed when it comes to keeping and storing old photos. Many people will either put the photos in a three-ring binder or make a photo box out of an old shoe box. These do little to protect the images. Worse yet, they might put the photos in the attic or basement. Doing this can actually cause damage to the photos beyond repair. This is because both a basement and attic are prone to highly fluctuating temperatures and humidity, which can cause discoloration or warping of the photo.

Another bad practice of photo archiving is displaying photos in a simple frame. This exposes the important paper or photo to both visible and ultraviolet light, which causes darkening, fading and other types of warping over time.

Proper storage techniques


A way to guard against these situations is by investing in archival storage products. For example, if you really want to display your photos or family papers around your house, find an ultraviolet filtering glass or a frame made with acrylic. Try to display these photos in an area of your home that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight such as a hallway or back room.

Another archival storage process is to display copies of the original papers and photos. This way, you can store the originals in archival photo drop front boxes or archival photo binders for safe keeping. One way to ensure that you will always have these photos is by making digital copies of them. This is the best way to ensure you will at least have copies of important photos or papers in the event of a fire or flood. By creating copies, you ensure you’ll never risk losing them forever.

We understand how important it is to keep your family’s memories preserved. That’s why we offer multiple types of archival storage products that will fit your needs and desires from display to binder options. Call us today for the best in archival storage products.

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Allison Febrey

Photography Is Both Common And Incredibly Precious The Staying Power Of The Photo Booth

Allison Febrey : December 5, 2018 9:54 pm : Dslr photo booth, Portable photo booth equipment and accessories, Wedding photo booth for sale

We live in the age of photography.

What was once a fresh and fascinating form of technology is now so common as to be entirely mundane. We snap photos of family gatherings on our phones, we reach out to professional photographers in our area to commemorate a birthday. One of the most iconic forms of photography for decades is the photo booth rental business. Stationed at many a tourist spot and carnival, there’s something both nostalgic and distinctly modern about the portable photo booth. If you’ve wondered how you can encourage more visitors, a little slice of history is a great way to do it.

Start your own photo booth business this year and watch it change the way your customers look at your establishment.

It’s hard to imagine a time where photography wasn’t so widespread and accessible. There are people alive today that remember when it was more »

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Allison Febrey

Best Foods To Eat Before Hitting The Beach

Allison Febrey : November 11, 2018 8:22 pm : Lidar panama, Restaurants in south beach, South beach delivery

You have worked hard to shed the weight to have a flat beach day belly and you don’t want to ruin it by eating fattening foods before going to the beach. Although those burgers and ice cream may be tempting, you shouldn’t waste all of your hard work to lose the weight you have by indulging in these fattening foods. For this reason, here is some information on the best foods to eat before hitting the beach.


You need lean proteins to keep you going throughout the day and especially if you are going to hit the beach. The best lean proteins to eat before going to the beach is chicken. The best chicken, besides organic chicken, is rotisserie grill chicken. There should be a few different places in your area that do rotisserie chicken delivery to bring the tasty, lean proteins to you. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to get the great taste of this type of chicken when there is a rotisserie chicken delivery near you. Call the different restaurants in yo more »

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Allison Febrey

Complete Jigsaw Puzzles for a Mental Workout

Allison Febrey : October 31, 2018 3:19 pm : 500 piece puzzles, Frame your puzzle, Tough puzzles

The body often needs exercise, and the same is true of the human brain, although this is not always addressed. For anyone, especially kids, stimulating the brain and challenging its faculties is essential for personal growth, most of all during a person’s younger, most formative years. All sorts of activities can boost mental awareness, and one of them is something very common and affordable: jigsaw puzzles. Moderately difficult puzzles, tough puzzles, or very easy puzzles for toddlers can all do some good for those who complete them, and very advanced, novelty puzzles are out there for teenagers and adults looking for a challenge to brag about completing. Puzzles are often measured by size, such as a 1000 pc puzzle, although the biggest ones may exceed even this size. What mental benefits can puzzles provide, and which the best puzzles for a person?


The very oldest toy categor more »

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Allison Febrey

Developing an Appreciation for Fine White Wines and Red Wines

Allison Febrey : October 16, 2018 9:16 pm : Fine white italian wine

When it comes to fine living and enjoying the luxuries of modern life, having a taste for the best wines can be one of the most important components. If you are someone who likes to live the high-class life and the taste of luxury cuisine and beverages, trying to cultivate a taste for fine wine can be one of the best things you can do. Wine can bring great culinary pleasure and titillating aromas to the table if you are a wine connoisseur. From the finest of French red wines to the best in terms of fine white wines, there can be a world of flavors and aromas that you are missing out on if you have not yet turned on to an enjoyment of the best wines in the world.

For a lot of people, the understanding and enjoyment of wine can be an immensely pleasurable experience. Wine is a delicate beverage that brings different layers of flavors and aromas that need to be appreciated by discerning palates. Becoming a wine connoisseur can involve cultivating your tastes for the beverage, researc more »

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Allison Febrey

What Custom Packaging Is Right For Your Cannabis Products?

Allison Febrey : October 11, 2018 6:35 pm : Uncategorized

About six in ten Americans say the use of marijuana should be legalized, a trend towards acceptance that has been increasing over the last decade, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey. With medical marijuana gaining popularity across the nation, more and more cannabis products are appearing on the market, meaning increased competition for you. Here are some tips for creating custom cannabis packaging that will make sure your product stands out from the competition.

  • Packaging for your product: The packaging design you select for your medical marijuana will depend on a few factors, but primarily it’s going to rely on what type of product you’re selling. Edibles will require different packaging than buds, for example. Medical marijuana bags are best for flowers or edibles, whereas flat pouches are best for single dose products. Also, think about the space it will occupy on a shelf, and what size packaging you want for this purpose.
  • Consider the customer: Think about what your customer will be concerned about with packaging. Do they want something flashy to reflect their personality? Are they looking for multiple doses or a single dose? Are they concerned about safety and looking for child-proof cannabis bags? Be mindful of your audience when selecting packaging, and you will be able to more specifically tailor your products to them.
  • Plan your design: Once you’ve selected the type of packaging and decided on your target audience, then comes the fun part: designing. This is the part where you get to pick out the colors, fonts, and graphics on your cannabis bags, but remember, any design you pick still needs to clearly display the brand name and important information. If customers can’t read your brand name among the rest of the design, it’s going to be difficult for them to remember you, and that’s not what you want with packaging design. Make sure any bag labels and the text on them are clearly visible.

Looking for help with your custom cannabis bags and packaging? Contact us for everything you’ll need for your cannabis product’s packaging needs, as well as a wide variety of other types of custom packaging design.

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Allison Febrey

3 Tips to Elevate Your Party Tables on a Budget

Allison Febrey : September 18, 2018 6:01 pm : Elegant paper napkins, Metallic gold plastic cutlery, Plastic serveware

Whether you’re throwing a graduation party or helping a beloved tie the knot, planning celebrations is a big undertaking. While some party-preppers opt for fine cutlery and table linen, many look to save a buck and expedite cleanup by choosing disposable serveware. But choosing disposable doesn’t have to seem shoddy. By following these tips, you can make sure your budget bash is still organized and attractive.

Get the Logistics Right

Even if you have fresh bouquets on every table and a tent draped with fairy lights, any pretty party can fall short of fabulous if it lacks the essentials. Running out of plates while serving the cake can discourage your most enthusiastic guests. When shopping for party supply packages, remember:

  • Cups and Plates: about 3 per guest
  • Napkins: about 4 per guest
  • Flatware: about 2 spoons, 2 fork more »
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Allison Febrey

Fundraising Packaging Helps Fundraising Groups Get the Exposure They Need

Allison Febrey : September 4, 2018 5:00 pm : Coffee bag design, Coffee bag labels

Your daughter’s high school band has had many, many fundraisers. From selling cookie dough to washing cars, your children have found a way to make sure that they are able to take the summer trips that they love and offer the highest level of training when it comes to marching formations and clinician workshops.

This year, however, the band thinks they have found an excellent option. With specially designed coffee packaging bags that include the name of the school and the band, the group is working with a local company that has created a harvest coffee that is wildly popular. At a time when many people are going crazy for anything pumpkin, the band kids are hoping to appeal to the greater majority of people who want a good old fashioned strong Cup of Joe.

Specialty Coffee Packaging Bags and Other Custom Packaging Options Are Great Fundraising Options

Parents, teachers, grandparents, and friends love to support their favorite students, but the fact of the matter is it more »

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Allison Febrey

Art For Commercial Spaces

Allison Febrey : August 28, 2018 2:23 pm : Art consultants looking for artists, Healthcare artwork, What exactly can an art consultant do

Creative expression is one of the fundamental tenants of any society. It was one of the very first things we did as a species after we became a species and has seen so much diversity and so many variations over so many thousands and thousands of years. From hospital art to hospitality art to hotel art to even corporate art consultants and art for restaurants, art is everywhere, in all forms and in all times. But where it did it come from exactly and how has it spread as a construct? And where can it be used most effectively? Before we can ask the latter question, we have to ask the former first and that’s not an especially easy one to answer. We can start by talking about the earliest known art which is thought to be cave drawings done by hand and still on display in a remote region of France. There is no known art that predates these simple drawings but that doesn’t mea more »

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Allison Febrey

Witches, Princesses And Superheroes The Most Popular Halloween Outfits In 2018

Allison Febrey : July 2, 2018 3:31 pm : Costume store online, Halloween costume stores online

Halloween isn’t for another few months, but that’s no reason not to start preparing now.

Your next great outfit isn’t just going to build itself, after all! What outfit have you been dreaming of all year long? Whether it’s a funny baseball zombie costume or a female jester costume, the best Halloween online store can make sure you’re ready to go once the autumn leaves start to fall. You’ll have all the fake blood, witch hats and accessories your heart can dream of, located in one handy location to keep you from running back and forth across your city in search of the best outfit. Before you start browsing, however, do some good, old-fashioned brainstorming.

What party costume ideas should you try out this year?

The History Of Halloween

Just what do you
more »

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